Inclusive Growth

  • Overall beef production grows by 35%
  • Emerging / subsistence farmers:
    • Increase female herd composition from avg. of 41% to 47%
    • Increase weaning rate from avg. of 40% to at least 50%
    • This overall gain of 8% in productivity already translates to a 44% (155 000) increase in weaners calves produced for auction.
  • Medium to large scale black producer support:
    • At least 1,4 mil Ha targeted for production support
    • 250 000 additional weaner calves targeted from these producers over the next 10 years
    • Enough Animal Handing facilities in the highest production & animal health risk areas

Animal Health

  • A Model which continuously drives & executes National Animal Health Credibility Meat/Product Safety – Inspections & SPS compliance at all required nodes in the value chain
  • Maintenance/Regain FMD-free status or OIE compliance, ensuring secured access to lucrative international markets (particularly for high-value cuts) & supporting One Health
  • Implemented Compartments in the Beef & Sheep sector

Competitiveness & Sustainability

  • Market Quality – an industry-led grading system that is internationally recognised and benchmarked, thereby increasing the competitiveness in international markets
  • Grow Local consumption (even though fairly flat) but still realise an additional revenue of at least R 800 million (*local meat prices remaining consumer conscious, supported by a balanced carcass being exported)
  • High productivity in the commercial sector – coupled with high-quality breeding material. Growth in breeding material to support overall herd productivity, adaptability & product quality

Market Access

  • Estimated R 200 million to implement  phase 1 of a Livestock Identification and Traceability System for Beef – Trade security & continuity to grow from this foundation
  • Growing total international market share & relevance since local demand is flat and can dampen industry profitability & stagnation in the industry
  • Growing the export share of production from 5% to at least 24%, adding R 7.5 billion in additional revenue
  • Growing the export of live slaughter stock

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