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The Red Meat Research and Development SA (RMRD SA) is a service provider for the Red Meat Industry Forum (RMIF) that manage and oversee the active projects approved by the Planning Committee (R&D) Cattle and Small Stock Committee until completion. The red meat industry considers Research & Development and the transfer of technology within the industry of prime importance to the successful future of the industry.


The Red Meat Industry aims to ensure that the South African Large and Small Stock Meat Industries own the technology and knowledge to deliver profitable and sustainable products in demand by consumers.


The Red Meat Industry aims to provide sought-after red meat products at affordable prices taking local consumer preferences into account, international standards, and the conservation of the environment. The RMRD SA aim with the Planning Committee to coordinate and fund research projects.


The red meat industry considers Research and Development (R&D) as well as the transfer of technology innovation an important aspect for the industry to thrive. As there is invariably a scarcity of funds for research, systems were implemented through which the industry can contribute financially to R&D projects of merit.

Since the 1930s, the organised Red Meat Industry in South Africa contributed financially to R&D. Through the ensuing years, the Meat Board and various individual organisations like cattle breeders’ associations and Red Meat Research and Development Trust of South Africa (RMRDT) funded research. The funds available derive from the interest and investments in the RMRDT and statutory levies. The Red Meat Industry Forum (RMIF) applied for the institution of these levies on slaughter stock and their products. The extended levy application approved on 5 November 2020 ended on 4 November 2022. Many more projects have been funded for the red meat industry. The RMRD SA wishes to thank the Red Meat Industry for their trust in our world-class researchers at Research Institutions across the country. The RMRD SA will see the active projects through to its conclusion in 2026.

Previous Research

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Application & Guidelines 

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Research is focused on the furtherance, accumulation and improvement of knowledge in the livestock and related sciences through original and other investigations and methods of a scientific nature to advance livestock production as the objective.

Development (innovation) in the red meat industry is implementation of technology and innovation that draws on acquired knowledge gained from research, practical experience, and additional knowledge. The attributes of producing new or improving existing practices and processes translate them into a plan or design for new products.
Technology transfer refers to knowledge transfer for the application of techniques and processes.

Basic Research

Experimental basic research

Experimental/Theoretical work undertaken to primarily to acquire new knowledge.

Applied Research

Developmental research

Original investigation undertaken to acquire new knowledge. Directed primarily towards a specific practical aim or objective. 


First Priority

Sustainable natural resource utilisation

Third Priority

Anticipation and mitigation of agricultural risks to create a resilient red meat sector

Second Priority

Competitiveness through the improvement of livestock and forage (to improve sustainability, food security, and efficiency of resource use)

Fourth Priority

Sustainable animal health and welfare for the red meat sector

Fifth Priority

Solutions, processes, and technologies that will enhance the production and processing of animal products

Seventh Priority

The commercialisation of the emerging sector

Sixth Priority

Consumer and market development of the red meat sector

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