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Establishment of RMIS NPC

The Red Meat, and Livestock Primary Cluster (RMPC)  created a Not-for-profit company, Red Meat Industry Services NPC (RMIS NPC) consisting of four nominated members each representing the interests of the most nationally representative sector specific industry organisations within the primary red meat value chain from the primary producer to the abattoir. 

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Memorandum of Incorporation

The RMIS NPC conducts its affairs according to its Memorandum of Incorporation with 4 directors each nominated from the four Red Meat & Livestock Red Meat, and Livestock Primary Cluster members, plus an independent chairperson and 2 alternative industry and business knowledgeable individuals and the executive director as additional directors directed at the focus areas identified.

Board of RMIS

RMIS NPC has a board of directors that consists of:
- ​4 representatives from the industry organisations;
- ​an Independant chairperson;
- 2 independant directors; and
- an executive director.

Koos Janse Van Rensburg


Koos is a family-oriented individual and a nature enthusiast. The most essential requirement he have for a person is integrity which is non-negotiable and all-encompassing to him. There are no levels of integrity. You either have it or you don't. My life is guided by the saying - "begin with the end in mind."

Dewald Olivier

Executive Director

"Relationships form the foundation of everything, be it agriculture, construction, finance, retail, sport, or any other industry. Building strong relationships is crucial to success, and success is achieved by utilizing these relationships to generate mutual benefits."


Dewald Olivier

Chief Executive Officer

Dewald is a visionary leader who understands that strong relationships are the foundation of success. He believes that the key to achieving success is to cultivate relationships that generate mutual value.

Estelle van Reenen


Estelle van Reenen is a dynamic leader and CEO of SPARTA, a prominent South African feedlot. With a wealth of industry expertise, she spearheads strategic initiatives and drives success in the livestock sector. Her visionary approach and commitment to excellence have solidified SPARTA's position as a leading player in the industry.

Dr Phillip Oosthuizen

Chief Operating Officer

"I am driven by an unwavering commitment to contribute towards a sustainable agricultural environment and fortify South Africa's food security. I am dedicated to making a meaningful impact, driven by the belief that sustainable practices are the cornerstone of a secure and prosperous food ecosystem in South Africa."


Lizanda Viljoen

Office Manager/Accountant

'I am passionate about delivering high-quality service and support to the organizations I work with, and I value collaboration, integrity, and innovation.'


Marina Fourie

Marketing Manager and Communications Coordinator 

'My specialities and side-hustles include Consumer education- the merger of nutrition science, food pop-culture and marketing. Consumer insights, getting into consumers' minds (and their fridges). Shaping the minds of future consumer scientists.'


Dr Kabols le Riche 


Kabols leads with passion, dedication, and unwavering belief. He is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the meat value chain from farming, feeding and slaughter through to meat packing and beyond. Kabols is known for his persistent drive towards excellence, innovation and growth. 

Corlia Oberholzer

Project Manager

'Experienced Training Manager working within the agricultural industry. I recently completed my Master of Business Administration at Edinburgh Business School. I am a dynamic individual that is always up for a challenge - including running 90km races. Strong human resources skills with both a Psychology and Criminology Honours degree.'


James Faber


James offers a wealth of experience in the Red Meat Industry of South Africa. He has served our red meat producers with dedication and passion.

Gerhard van der Burgh

Independent Director

Gerhard is a leading light in Data Science and Systems Integration. He is passionate about providing deep insights into our Industry through clear understanding of data.

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